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Creating a Youth Culture Experience

[An Exercise in Creating a Culture ]

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X Games

Production | Broadcast

X Games required on set management of live broadcast content for national television. We assembled a team to develop and create the hardware and software that would be utilized to create the real-time streaming content. We created the spot reels for every live action scene during the X Games championships. Utilizing our broadcasting platform, we were able to ensure a smooth live event stream worldwide for the X Games.

ProductionReal-Time Production Hardware & Software

BroadcastLive-Stream Broadcast Technologies

DevelopmentProduct Development

Research Makes the Difference

[An Exercise to Make.Believe.]

sony creative case studies
Sony Pictures

Development | Product Design

Sony Pictures called on pxlmade™ to create an all-encompassing turn-key solution for on-site production of digital content in remote locations across shooting sites. The goal was to create a production system built into these mobile rigs. We built production RV's that contained every hardware and software required for on-site delivering of footage to post-production studios.

Product DesignEditing System

Intellectual PropertyCopywriting & Campaign Literature

Product DevelopmentTurn-Key Editing Systems

Bringing People Together With Unique Spaces

[An Exercise in Creating Oneness ]

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Peerspace is built on the simple fact that we are human beings; and human beings need spaces to interact and create. We helped Peerspace develop an advanced gamification platform for use on internal training exercises and business growth strategy training sessions for executives and department managers.

DevelopmentWeb Application Development

DesignApplication Design & Prototyping

StrategyProduct Release Strategy

Impacting Lives from Seed to Cup

[An exercise in creating a cup with love]

Coffee Bean

Experiential | Social | Development

Coffee Bean tapped pxlmade™ executives to create and develop a web based interactive display system featuring content from daily writers and featured articles including news and weather along with location geo tags including sentiment and commentary over feedback on in-store products and services.

ExperientialExperiential Technology Implementation

SocialSocially Integrated Visual Customer Interaction

DevelopmentVisual Advertisement Platform Development

Educating, Entertaining, and Enlightening

[An Exercise in Creating Real-Time Productions ]

Warner Brothers

Production | Strategy | Development

Warner Brothers needed to develop an advanced infrastructure for non-linear content production utilizing real-time audio and video rendering systems to speed up post-production and scale across multiple departments. The pxlmade™ team established training sessions for executives and department managers to implement the technologies across all departments for optimizing production and lead times.

SOCIALSocial Media

Production & BroadcastSystems For Success

SocialStructures For Success


By blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, we create modern imaginaries across multiple platforms to foster lasting exposure in the current digital ecosystem. Our ideas imbue your brand identity with new essence by showcasing novel spectacles that attract consumer engagement, and interrupting traditional advertising through innovative technology, trend forecasting, and virtual storytelling. In curating transformative experiences across digital and physical landscapes, we evoke emotive encounters to unlock brand potential.

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