Come one, come all.

pxlmade’s commitment to
Diversity, Equality & Inclusion.

Fighting inequity on a global stage begins inside.

Our ability to comprehend the need for change in this moment — and how we incorporate it into our company’s policy, marketing campaigns, and our own actions — has the power to build a more equitable and purpose-driven world. We believe having representation in every facet of the marketing process is nonnegotiable.

At pxlmade, we continue to reexamine and strengthen how our purpose of “making advertising work better for people” shows up in how we hire, work, and invest for our clients. A strong purpose should be actionable and add value, not only during good times but also in moments of difficulty and crisis.

To advocate for the transgender or gender nonconforming community, we’ve made the following changes:
- Our entire company is inclusive – even the restroom
- We educate ourselves and others on gender diversity
- We are inclusive all 12 months of the year
- We’ve broken out of a binary mindset
- We make allyship a daily habit

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are mission-critical pieces of our culture
o When it comes to race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and sexual orientation, we nurture our culture to be as inclusive as possible by scheduling cultural and other sensitivity training exercises, educating all staff by sharing resources and documents to empower them with the skills necessary to grow and nurture a diverse team.
o Equity from all things in training, hiring opportunities, leadership roles, and compensation.
o We’ve made sure to create a close-knot group who can express their feelings, and give everyone an equal opportunity to hold open forums to voice their concerns and be their authentic selves.
Philanthropy in Diversity. Biannually, pxlmade uses its creative and strategic talents to take on and execute pro-bono projects to fight for equality and social justice.

These are our first steps. They won’t be our last. There will be missteps along the way. But we will continue to be transparent. It will take time, but we will move forward together.

Take the risk of being different.

You're Welcome!

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