ASOS, a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer stockpiling well over 850 brands, is joining the body positivity (or, neutrality) movement by appealing to a wider, more inclusive demographic. In an era where beauty trends are beginning to align with a more ‘natural’ aesthetic, ASOS continues its goal of catering to a diversity of silhouettes, having been a brand that made a point to carry the widest range of sizes.

In an effort to continue its trend-blazing efforts, ASOS is now trialing an augmented reality (AR) tool that is geared toward altering current shopping habits. The tool, called ‘See My Fit,’ developed in partnership with Israeli AR company Zeekit, aims to support online shoppers by informing and empowering their purchasing decisions. Its methodology is to ultimately allow access to a simulated view of the various possibilities in which the item will look on bodies exhibiting different sizes and shapes.

Once a user has selected their preferred model, ‘See My Fit’ digitally maps the product onto the figure, bearing in mind the size, cut, and overall fit of each distinct garment, rendering the customized prototype a realistic and user-friendly depiction of a consumer’s pseudo-reflection.

ASOS’s decision to integrate a first-ever, personalized digital fitting room, sets the stage for industry competitors and marks a much-anticipated e-commerce experience.